Job Title: Direct Refrigeration Services

Location: Wigan

Type of job: New


The enquiry started on a golf course funnily enough. The client, Direct Refrigeration Services (DRS), mentioned that he had a customer who supplied chicken fillets for fast food outlets, and they were looking to upgrade and increase their temperature-controlled storage capacity. Initially, DRS assumed that due to the large amount of cooling duty needed (100kW+) the project size and scope would fall outside of TF’s capabilities. However, we convinced him to “give us a chance – we might surprise you!”

We did some preliminary duty calcs and designs for the equipment to serve a large freezer, multiple prep areas, loading bays and chiller storage. This meant we could offer a “ballpark” quote and design. DRS used this to quote the end user and ultimately secure the job. A site meeting was then set up with TF Solutions sales and tech team to offer a consultive design approach, discussing multiple options on how we could serve the areas to achieve a design that was both technically and commercially acceptable.

A full turnkey solution was offered, compromising of Bespoke TF Build LT compressor-receiver sets, Guntner remote condensers, Guntner bespoke GACV evaporators, J&E Hall MT condensing units, Guntner GADC evaporators, Danfoss valves and controls and GB controls bespoke control panels. A piping and wiring schematic was also offered to assist DRS with their installation. The client was very impressed with the extensive knowledge of the team and the offering as a complete package, as well as pre and after sales support. TF Solutions delivered every product required including capital equipment and all install materials.

TF solutions were on hand throughout the project to offer help when required. The full project was commissioned by Direct refrigeration Services.


Testimonial from Peter Mckeown Direct Refrigeration.

“From the initial meeting with Kevin Tickle, myself and the team have been very impressed with TF Solutions’ products and services. A special mention goes to Adam Radford of TF Solutions who supported us throughout the project with his knowledge and expertise.”