Job Title: T Quality Fareham

Location: Fareham

Date work completed: April 2022

Duration of project: 4 weeks

Name of contractor / installer: Cooling FX

Type of job: New build

No. of floors: 1

No. of units: 3


Cooling FX are the refrigeration service and installation partner for T Quality, who predominately supply the restaurant trade with quality fish and chips.

T Quality are undergoing rapid expansion, and this site is a new one for them to expand their offering and service to their customers in the South of England.


To provide a solution that was commercially acceptable to the client as well as ensuring a quick lead time. Site power was also restricted, so an energy efficient solution was needed that could control the systems to ensure an overload to site power was not going to occur.


A 1,870m3 freezer, to store frozen packaged fish which will then be distributed to local customers.
Also a small 52m3 chiller.


Heat load calculations were undertaken which gave required duty. After discussions with the Cooling FX, 2 systems were selected to serve the Freezer and a single system for the chiller.

Product used

Due to a large duty at the specified conditions, TF Build housed and dressed custom built units were selected to serve the room. Each unit comprised of a semi hermetic reciprocating compressor, oil separator and return with oil diff safety switch, speed controlled EC Condenser fans, LP control and HP safety pressure switch, liquid receiver, drier and sight glass, as well as compressor start and control panel wired.

These air-cooled condensing units where matched to Guntner GACV evaporators, with electric defrost to coil and tray as well as fan peripheral heaters. Due to the fans throwing the air down a 34m length, fan streamers were added to the fans to help throw the air further. Danfoss expansion valves and solenoid valves were spec’d and supplied.

Evaporator control panels were also spec’d and supplied, ensuring interlocks between defrost contactors and compressor contactors to ensure site power would not become overloaded.