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In every TF Solutions branch you will find we stock a wide range of market-leading condensate pumps, including our very own branded pumps, along with all the accessories you’ll need.

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TF Solutions Condensate Pumps

The very popular low-profile TF2 Tank Pump works on a float switch, activating the pump when the water level gets to 55mm in the tank. The pump also has a high-level switch, that when connected to the A/C unit, will automatically switch it off if the water level reaches a very high point. This is designed to stop any leaking and water damage due to the pump not working. Also built in is a non-return valve to stop water coming back into the pump.

Our TF3 model is a mini pump in trunking, with plenty of space within. 

Did you know…TF Solutions pumps come with a 3 year warranty?

All of our branches also stock full ranges from Aspen, Diversitech, Sauermann, Charles Austen and Hydron.

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Condensate pumps are sized based on the required flow rate (which is based on how much water can be collected in the drain pan), and the height against which the pump has to pump (also known as the head). If you’re in doubt, our technical support teams for AC and Refrigeration are ready to help you with your product selections and specifications.