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Discover our wide range of copper pipe, insulation, fittings and accessories to meet all your air conditioning and refrigeration requirements.

All ACR Copper products purchased from TF Solutions are clearly marked for identification and traceability in line with PED requirements, both by inkjet marking and engraving, to include the manufacturer, production date, batch code, tube size, EN 12735-1 and temper.

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Copper Pipe

Our ACR Copper comes in many sizes and different wall thicknesses, all manufactured to refrigeration quality. 

TF Solutions typically sells 15m and 30m soft coils, and half hard straight lengths of 3m and 6m, but other larger sizes are available, such as 2 1/8”, 2 5/8”, 3 1/8”, 3 5/8” & 4 1/8”. 

Some refrigeration systems are now using CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) as the refrigerant, which operates at much higher pressures of up to 120bar. For these systems, we supply to order an ACR Copper tube called K65, which contains a small amount of steel to give it added strength. K65 for 120bar pressures comes in 6m lengths, and K65 for 80bar pressures comes in 5m lengths.

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Insulation & Fittings

TF Solutions sells the market-leading Armacell insulation and accessories, the number 1 choice for condensation control and energy efficiency. TF Solutions stocks Armaflex Class O in all wall thicknesses, in 2m lengths, 15m coils or 25m continuous boxes. Pre-split, self-seal versions and sheet are also available. 

Available as single units, with discounts for multiples, TF Solutions also stocks in every branch the pipe clips required to hold tubes in place, and the Copper fittings used to join and re-shape / reroute tubes, in sizes to match our ACR Copper tubes. We hold Elbows (or Bends), Couplers, Tees, Reducers, End Caps, Suction Line P-Traps and U-Traps/U-Bends.

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Press and Brazing Equipment & Consumables:

The innovative MaxiPro, Conex >B< Press is suitable for air conditioning and refrigeration pipe-joining applications up to 48bar (700 psi) safe working pressure, from -40°C to +140°C (121 C continuous) operating pressure and where hot works is not permitted. It is a versatile press fitting system for use with hard, half hard and soft ACR copper tube, providing a secure, long-life, leak-proof joint.  

>B< maxiPro is quick and easy to install, and the recommended fitting tools and compatible jaws for each size of fittings are all available from TF Solutions.

In every branch we stock brazing rods and silver solder, which are used to permanently fix the Copper tube to the Copper fittings or system units.

We also stock the Map Gas if you need a top up.

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Please get in touch with our helpful and friendly staff

In our experience, ACR Copper tube is generally sized by our customers or as listed in the manufacturer’s brochures, but if you’re in doubt, our technical support teams for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration are ready to help you.