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Cellar Cooler units are specifically designed to refrigerate beer cellars to around 12°C. Typically compromising a complete system solution of condensing unit and evaporator, with the temperature control thermostat contained within the evaporator housing. However, in some circumstances, cellar coolers can cool rooms down to 4°C.

TF Solutions stock and offer the full J&E Hall JCC2 range of condensing units, as well as the J&E Hall Cellar Plus systems for larger cellars. As an alternative, especially where extended pipe runs up to 80 metres are needed, the Marstair range of cellar coolers can be utilised.

Out in house technical team can advise and select any type of cellar cooler based on budget and application needs.

J&E Hall


The JCC2 cellar cooler range provides cost-effective and reliable units designed to maintain temperatures required for beer and wine cellars. The ability of electronic control down to 4°C* also prolongs the life of fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, dairy products and other items requiring a temperature-controlled environment.


When required cooling duty is larger than the range of the JCC2, J&E Hall offer a Cellar plus system. Available in 7, 8 & 9kW options, this range fulfils most cellar requirements. With a temperature range of 4°C to 15°C they have the versatility to offer product cooling in different industries. They are ideal for cold storage and the J & E Hall Cellar Plus Cooling System can prolong the life of fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, dairy products and other items requiring a temperature-controlled environment.

Ambient Cellar Coolers

Most UK Cellars are held between 12°C & 10°C. The Ambient Cellar Cooler utilises ambient air when the ambient drops below 8°C, in essence giving the cellar “free cooling” at a fraction of the cost of running the compressor on the cellar cooler to provide cooling.


JCC2 Brochure


Ambient Cellar Cooler Brochure


JCC2 Tech Manual


Ambient Cellar Cooler Manual


Cellar+ Tech Manual



The Marstair Cellarator split systems offer cooling solutions for beer cellars and food preparation areas. Choose from the wide range : the well-established CXE range for R407C, the CXE Low Temperature version for more challenging applications, or the value CXA/CXEA range using R410A.


Marstair Brochure CXEA/CKA


Marstair Brochure CXE/CKC


Marstair Manual CXEA/CKA


Marstair Manual CXEA/CKC


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