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Evaporators are where the heat exchange (typically absorption of heat to produce a cooling effect) happens. They are typically used withing cold rooms and freezers, although their use has a broad application range. The typically are made of a copper coil and aluminium finned construction housed together with the fan for air circulation.

Defrost heater elements can be used when the temperature application requires. Evaporators can come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on application, as well have having different materials like stainless casings or full stainless evaporators where required. Options for HFC, A2L HFO & CO2, there is an option for all applications.

All Guntner evaporators are HACCP compliant and come with a three-year warranty.


GASC – Guntner Air Cooler Slim Compact
These slim/wedge type evaporators come in either 4mm or 7mm fin spacing and are designed for small cold rooms where space is at a premium. With the ability to sit against the cold room wall, the hinged drip tray allows for easy access and maintenance.

GACC – Guntner Air Cooler Cubic Compact
The Cubic compact evaporator is for larger rooms and range from 2kW through to 150kW and are available in 4mm or 7mm fin spacing. Hinged drip tray and side doors for easy access and maintenance.

GADC – Guntner Air Cooler Dual Discharge
The Dual Discharge evaporator from Guntner is the ideal solution for preparation rooms or areas where lower air velocity is required.

GACV – Guntner Air Cooler Cubic Vario
The Cubic Vario evaporator is the ultimate in bespoke configurations. With a large range of accessories, from peripheral heaters, double insulated trays, louvres and more, this option is perfect for bespoke projects.


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