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TF Solutions supply ventilation for virtually any application. These systems are designed to supply clean, fresh air into any building, whilst simultaneously extracting stale air, ensuring good indoor air quality for occupant well-being.

These units are also able to recover valuable heat energy from inside the building, maximising energy efficiency and reducing running costs.

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Electric heater batteries

The incoming fresh air can be too cold and the heat recovery from the extracted air may not be enough to prevent discomfort of supply air, therefore we offer a range of electric preheaters to temper the incoming air.
We can offer the following Electric heater Batteries equipment:
Circular or square/rectangular ductwork 0.75kw to 9kw single-phase, with built in controls
We can offer up to 135kw 3-phase if required


We offer the following ventilation equipment:

Mitsubishi Electric
Lossnay units 150m3/hr to 2500m3/hr
Wizard AHU 3000m3/hr to 20000m3/hr

ERV units 260m3/hr to 1000m3/hr

ERV units 250m3/hr to 1000m3/hr

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